First Thing's First

I hardly know how to record and release an album. Yes, I threw together some tunes under the pseudonym Soleil, whose debut may have been dampened by personal typhoons (for a synopsis on these events listen to "Lyrebird") but aspects of that would've been a haphazard release regardless. Even the recording process for Soleil was such a different experience than that of Shadows. 

I had one week off in the summer so I reached out to Wes, producer and engineer for my EP "Oh My Heart", who said it was inadvisable to record 10 songs in 5 days. He was totally right, super inadvisable. Especially in LA, in July with no AC. Which was something I didn't know would be a factor at the time. It was probably the most hip sweat lodge I would l ever willingly walk into though. Everyone who worked on the album was so efficient and humble that it seemed incredibly easy for them to lock into some great moments. Ultimately it was a seamless week of tracking even though it wasn't easy to orchestrate. Pun intended? Sure.

Here are said Badasses: 

Wesley Switzer- Production, engineering, bass

Tripp Beam- Drums, percussion

Will Harrington- Piano, keys

Drew Taubenfeld-  Electric guitar, pedal steel, Mandolin

Scott Bauer- Acoustic, electric, nashville guitar

Will Townsend- Electric guitar

Asha Bhasker- Strings, Violin

Emily Herndon- Backing vocals

I also have to give a shout out to Fernando Decillis and his lovely wife Kim for these beautiful photos you see all over the website and the album itself. Love you guys.

Please go stalk all of these people on Instagram... like in a healthy way.

I also need to say thank you to my family. My mom, dad, step mom and my brother who have supported this endeavor emotionally, financially, and sometimes metaphysically. I need to give a very important thank you to my sister, Tiffany for always telling anyone who will listen ( and yelling at those who don't) that they need to know all about my music and art. Even while being self appointed manager, she still finds time to be there when I truly need someone. Love you. 

As a nanny, I've worked with some wonderful families. They have supported me beyond what could ever be expected through some the most difficult experiences in my life. Their children have helped raise me as much as I've helped raise them. Firstly, Diane, Connor and Brian thank you for the encouragement and love, I wouldn't have made it through that time without you. To my besties and snuggle bugs Abigail and Madeleine I owe you the entire universe for filling me up when I'm empty, you constantly amaze me. Thank you Heather and Tom for always letting me take time to pursue these things, for coming to shows, and for letting me be an auxiliary member of your wonderful family. Thank you Jeanne and Dave for always wanting the best for me, I can't believe how lucky I am to have all of your kindness in my life.  

Okay now that I'm bawling see you later folks.